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The Problem

Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression… How many people are suffering needlessly and for what reason? Do you know anyone affected by any one of these diseases? Are you satisfied with how our current health care system addresses these diseases? Do you ever wonder why natural remedies aren’t employed more often? We are often told the problem is there is a lack of funding for natural medicine.

Some say the problem is there is not enough money to support natural remedies; or that there is not enough proof to support the use of these natural remedies. The question is why is there no funding for natural remedies? The question is why are there no safer alternatives available to Canadians? The question is why is there only enough funding to support the conventional medical model that has failed miserably when it comes to the prevention of disease and the restoration of health?

The real problem is well beyond just the healthcare system. The real problem is lack of truth and transparency in our current health care system and the willful suppression of truthful information regarding the safe and effective use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, and other natural remedies. The main question still remains: why?

“Scientifically controlled clinical trials have shown that only 10 -20 % of all procedures used in present - day medical practices are of benefit to patients. It was concluded that the vast majority of medical procedures now being utilized routinely by physicians are "unproven" when subjected to the same rigid standards these same orthodox physicians are demanding of alternative, nutritional practitioners.” - U.S. Office of Technology Assessment

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