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The Solution

Most people say it cannot be done. Some people say it is impossible to achieve. Most people do not even know where to begin… until now.

The solution to a better future for all Canadians includes a radical change to our current healthcare system. Some say the cost will be too high, well we must ask ourselves, what is the cost of doing nothing? Our current healthcare system is unsustainable if the current trend continues, according to analysts it will be bankrupt within the next few years.

Canada’s current healthcare system as we know it is no longer feasible or sustainable. That is why our goal at FHC is to empower Canadians to not only take action in changing our failing healthcare system but to “bring back” the power to the people where it belongs! We believe Canadians have a constitutional right to freedom of choice when it comes to the health of themselves and their family.

The solution to changing over the healthcare system is going to be a major grassroots movement but it does not have to take forever. The solution begins with you. The solution is unity amongst all Canadians. The solution is truth and transparency in our current healthcare system and changing the very laws that govern it. Please take this opportunity to partner with us as your participation is not only crucial for this goal to be realized, but also because the health and welfare of every Canadian man, woman, and child depends on it.

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